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Learn How to Play Through Free Craps Games

Indeed, one of the most difficult casino games to probably master would be craps. But with the help of this article and the use of free craps tables or games offered by numerous sites, we can hopefully make a reasonably competent craps player out of you. Are you up for the challenge then? If so, choose where you’re going to play free craps and let’s rock and roll with the dice!

One of the most important thing is the craps players first bet. Before you make your first bet you should take a little tour in online casinos that have information about the game and the rules of the game. It is not a smart idea to start gambling online craps before you have all the rules of the game stored in your head safe and tight.

When you place your first bet you must remember that you are not yet rough enough to play against pros, so try playing with people your own level. Online craps gambling could be a very risky game for those of us who are not familiar with the risks of the game. It is always good to open a book or an online gambling article in order to learn about craps and online craps before coming to play. There are many scams in online gambling sites, and some of the websites wants no more than taking your money then running off. But if you are knowledgeable with the right information about online casinos and online gambling craps site, you can surely bet at any proper site you wish for, and to earn a lot of money. So before your first bet – take a good reading about online craps, and craps at all.

Understanding the Craps Table

The craps table is the most intimidating factor of the game because craps players not only have to concern themselves with throwing the dice but also about betting rules and the proper placing of bets. In fact, many free craps players just take one look at the craps table and it’s enough for them to forget about their desire to learn the game, even though it’s already free craps and won’t cost them a cent if they lose.

But you’re not a coward, right? You want to learn how to play the game so you’re going to take advantage of the free craps games, right? Good! That’s the spirit.

For this article, we’ll keep it simple and mainly concentrate on the major parts of the craps table. For your convenience, it’s better to just concentrate on your half of the free craps table only. It’s just the same layout for the other half of the free craps table anyway.

When playing free craps, it’s best to remember that every time the dice are rolled, you can either bet for or against the shooter. It’s as simple as that and it will serve as the basis of every bet you make on the free craps table. Also, remember that before the shooter releases the dice, all bets must be properly placed at the free craps table.

If you’re betting for the shooter, place your Pass Line bets on the pass line - this is the outermost space in the free craps table and where the words PASS LINE are written. For your Don’t Pass bets, you naturally have to place your chips on the space inside the DON’T PASS BAR, which is located next to the craps table’s pass line.

Do you notice the word COME written right in the middle of the craps table? When a point is set, that’s the only time you can place a bet on this section of the free craps table.

Now, wasn’t that easy? Just continue playing free craps until you get the hang of it.

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