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Center Bets

Doing any thing the first time is undeniably exciting, nerve wrecking and even down right disconcerting especially if you have no idea what to expect or what to do next. The remedy of course is to learn all that you can before trying it out for the first time.

It's the same thing with trying out craps for the first time. It is exciting and fun but at the same time, you don't want to totally look foolish while everybody else knows what to do. To help you with your dilemma, let me introduce some of the bets that can be made in craps. They are called proposition bets and they're located at the center of the craps table. They pay more than the usual payoffs but they also have a higher house edge.

A bet that any of the craps numbers 2, 3 or 12 will be thrown at the following roll is called craps bet. It pays 7-1.

A one roll bet wagers that the dice thrower of craps will throw an 11, also called yo, or an ace-deuce or 3, or snake eyes or 2, or 12 also known as box cars or midnight on the next craps dice throw. The yo and ace-deuce pays 15-1 whereas snake eyes and box cars pays 30-1.

A hardway craps bet wagers that a hardway number, such as 5-5 or 2-2, will be thrown first before a 7 or easy way such as 6-4 or 3-1. Hard 8 and hard 6 craps bets pays at 9-1 odds whereas hard 10 and hard 4 craps bets pays at 7-1.

C & E bet is two craps bets combined into one. It wagers that either craps or 11 will be rolled in the next roll. Since it is two bets, one of the bets is destined to lose. The payout is the same as above.

If you bet any seven then you are betting that a 7 will come out in the next craps dice roll. Any seven pays 4-1 and is also named as the big red. Any seven is said to be the worst bet in craps as it offers the highest house advantage. This doesn't seem to stop other craps players from betting on it though.

These are only a few of the craps bets out there. I hope I did help in alleviating some of that first time craps jitters. Try to learn the other proposition bets and enjoy playing craps even more.

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