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Learn about the Different Bets in Craps

In poker, you’re asked to remember all sorts of poker hands that you may possibly hold in any round of poker you’re playing. There’s the royal flush, the full house and so on…

In craps, the game may not require you to memorize any type of hand because craps is a dice game and not a card game but it does require you to memorize something else…like the different kinds of bets used.

Craps is a dice game that’s increasingly popular and absolutely fun to play. If you want to know how to play craps, the first step you should take is making the different types of bets familiar to you. If you plan to do just that, you need not look any further because this article shall give you a quick, simple rundown of the various bets used in craps.

The Pass Line Bet is said to be the most important type of bet in craps. When you make a pass line bet in craps, you’ll win your bet if and only when the first roll of the dice is a natural seven or eleven. On the other hand, your pass line bet loses if and when you roll out two, three or twelve. These are called craps, by the way, though I have yet to figure out if the game’s named because players think of a losing streak as “pure crap”.

The Come Bet – All rules used for the pass line bet are applicable to the come bet. You are however only allowed to go for the come bet when the point on the pass line has been determined.

Don’t Pass Line Bet – As the name of the bet already indicates, this is the opposite of the Pass Line bet. Obviously, the win-lose-option is also the opposite of that of the Pass Line bet. So if you hit 7 or 11, you definitely lose. But if you roll out 2 or 3, you definitely win.

On the other hand, if your dice roll reveals 12, you’re tied with the casino. If the roll is any other number, your dice roll must get a 7 before that particular number is repeated in order for you to win.

Don’t Come Bet – Again, obviously, this is the exact opposite of the come bet. When the come point is determined, you win if the number 2 or 3 comes out and you unfortunately lose if the numbers 7 or 11 comes out. 12 still means a tie while for any other number, you need to have a 7 appear before any of the succeeding throws for you to win.

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