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Superstition in Craps

Apparently, superstitious beliefs exist not only in real life but even in a real craps game. Many would find it quite incredulous that grown men and women possess superstitious beliefs when it comes to playing craps. After all, craps is a game of chance so chance supposedly prevails and not superstition.

Still many craps players believe and even adhere to some craps superstition. It will do you well to know these craps superstitious beliefs to help you in respecting other people's superstition.

It is widely believed that a wrong craps bettor or those craps players that bet on the don't pass and don't come craps bets increase the probability that the number seven will be rolled. Therefore, many craps players find it out of taste and even taboo to bet on the don't pass and don't come craps bets.

According to craps superstition, it is not a good idea to neither open a craps table nor be the first or sole player in the craps table. Craps players believe that the craps dice is cold in a newly open table. The dice only warms up after it has been played a number of times.

It is considered good luck to roll the same dice again. This means that if a dice is accidentally thrown out of the table the craps player must yell "same dice" to throw the same dice again. Otherwise, the craps boxman will provide the shooter new dice.

If a craps shooter is having a good roll, it is believed that other players must not touch or talk to him. This is because craps players do not want anything to change with what the craps shooter is doing.

It is considered bad luck to say or shout the number seven while the craps shooter is throwing the dice. It is believed that the next roll will result to a seven if this is done.

If the craps dice is thrown out of the table or the dice hits any of the craps player's or craps personnel's hands then the next roll will be a seven. Therefore, be advised not to let the dice go out of the table or even touch the hands of those present in the craps table.

According to the craps superstition Virgin Principle, a female first time craps shooter will have good luck and have a good roll. Virgin female craps shooters are prized commodities in the game of craps.

The opposite can be said of virgin male shooters. It is believed that a male first time shooter will have bad luck and a bad roll in their first time roll. More experienced male craps shooter is preferred over a male virgin shooter.

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