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The Best Strategy for Craps

Since Craps is a game about getting the right outcome of the dice roll, maybe the strategy should all be in the wrist. However, throwing the dice right way as a strategy is only as valuable as throwing pebbles.

There is really not enough strategy to win against the house of craps in the long run. The usual strategies in craps are usually about doing the best bets. In short to stretch your dollar, place your bets on the table with higher expected returns.

The best places to put bets that can be beneficial to stretch your money are in the following:

  • Place your bets on pass line bets and don’t pass bets only. Don’t be tempted to put your bets on other craps bets that may be confusing. Stick with what you know.
  • Place the maximum allowed odd bets during point rolls.
  • Try to make come and don’t come bets.
  • Support your come or don’t come bets with max during point rolls or odd bets.
  • On the numbers 6 & 8, make place number bets. These are bets placed on the number 4, 5,6,8,9 and/or 10. These bets win if the number they are placed on comes out before a 7.

These bets have the lowest house edge. It means that it gives you the best possible chance of winning against the table. However, in the long run the house will always have a bigger edge. Saying the opposite, it means that you can win big in the short run. In a confusing conclusion, “Quit while you are ahead.”

It is important to mange your bankroll or money intelligently when playing craps. It would be wise to set a win/loss limit and immediately stop, once that limit has been reached. Don’t be tempted into recovering or breaking even, because in the long run, you may just be in deeper debt. If you are winning it also becomes hard to stop. Who would want to stop when you’re winning anyway?

The most important part of crap strategy is to keep your wits with you in a crisis. Don’t let the pressure get to you and make you feel like “crap” literally. The noise might also get you all confused and riled but be cool, don’t’ let the crowd woo you in to bet more. Stick with your strategy and you’ll end up a winner by preserving your knees anyway.

Remember to keep in mind that the best strategy in all casino games is to always go home with money even if you have lost continuously.

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