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Online Craps Glossary for the Neophytes

Here is a quick rundown of some terms used in Craps.

Any Seven - When an online craps player bets on Any Seven - which is a one roll bet and can be made anytime - his bet will win if the next roll would produce any combination equaling to 7.

Box Numbers - These numbers are used as points by online craps players; these numbers are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and lastly, 10.

Come Bet - When an online craps player makes a come bet, he's hoping that the dice would pass or simply put, roll out 7 or 11. The come bet is always made after the come out roll!

Hardaway Bet - One reason why this online craps bet is called such is simply because it's very HARD to win. When you make a hardaway bet, you expect the dice to roll out the same digits (4, 4 for a hardaway 8) before the number 7 or a soft roll would be made. Don't hesitate to make a hardaway bet if you're feeling extremely lucky.

High Roller - This term is used to refer to online craps players who are willing and can afford to bet large sums of money. Are you one yourself?

Inside Numbers - Online craps players refer to the digits 5 to 9 (except 7) as inside numbers.

House Edge - This refers to the advantage the casino possesses over online craps players. Don't focus too much on the house edge because it will ruin your appreciation and enjoyment for the game.

Lay Bet - Only an online craps player who made bet wrong (against the shooter) can make a lay bet; a lay bet wins if the dice reveals a 7 before the "laid" number appears.

Natural - Every time a dice comes out with a 7 or 11, it's called a natural roll.

Parlay - Parlay happens when an online craps player increases his bet size; it is also known as "press".

Pass Bet - The online craps player who takes the Pass Bet wins if the shooter's come out roll reveals a 7 or an 11. The online craps player loses if the dice rolls out 2, 3 or 12. Pass Bet has one of the lowest house advantages in the game. Take a Pass Bet if you're running low on chips.

Right Bettors - This type of online craps players always win alongside the shooters.

Snake Eyes - This is simply an online craps slang term for the number 2.

Wrong Bettor - This is the type of online craps player who is betting "against" the dice or shooter. An example of this bet would be a Don't Pass Bet.

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