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Strategies Used In Craps

In contrast to other casino games like blackjack or poker, no amount of skill can enhance your caliber as a player in craps. But some strategy, though it will not help you in hitting more throws, will make sure that your money will not be lost quickly. Properly managing your money and having a clear knowledge of the best table bets are important in making strategy work in craps.

A wise management of your bankroll is basic in planning a strategy in craps because it is the only gauge in finding out if your strategy is working. Thought some find it difficult to follow, it may be a good strategy if you A good method, but one that many find hard to follow, is to set a loss limit and to follow it. Often, players bet hundred dollars for their bankroll. Money flies fast when the player loses games one after another and the player increases his bankroll. On the other hand, setting limits for wins is just as hard because if you are on a roll, why leave?

Another method in money management is playing using only your earnings. Let's say, you set aside a hundred dollars for a game of craps. This will also serve as your limit for losses. Once you lose, adhere to it and walk away. If you win at first, wait until a hundred dollars is added to your original bankroll and set the money aside. In such a way you retain your initial bankroll when you lose all your winnings. If you are on a winning streak, set aside another hundred dollars and remove it from the game for good.

The second key in a good strategy in craps is having knowledge of the helpful table bets. While there are other bets that can be made, the Pass Line Bet, remains the most popular. It has a house edge of 1.42, which is better compared to other casino games. But, once you have made your bet, you can make use of so-called "free odds," which is an additional bet with your original Pass Line Bet. Free odds are included in the strategy of craps. It has a house edge of zero.

Another key and probably the most important strategy in craps is maintaining your composure in crisis situations. Craps is an exciting and entertaining game but is also tiring and frustrating. Work on a strategy and hold on to it. Remain calm and do not increase your wagers to overcome losses. Keep track of certain bets. Confusion is a part of the game, especially with a noisy atmosphere. If you are not careful, you may not be able to monitor your bets. Go slowly with each bet until you become at ease with them.

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