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Craps Do's and Don'ts

Craps is a game full of superstitions and other beliefs. As the game is purely based on luck, these superstitions are natural part of any craps game at play. Some say it is senseless and illogical to believe in these superstitions when playing craps. But what have you got to lose? After all, playing craps is a gamble.

The first thing you must remember when you want to start playing craps is to wait until there are many people at the craps table. Playing craps on your own or with few people will leave your dice "cold", thus, a good roll is very unlikely. Wait until the dice have warmed up before placing your bet or even shooting the dice yourself.

The next thing to remember is to not allow your hands to dangle on the side of the craps table. According to seasoned craps players, when a shooter rolls the dice and hits your hand, a seven will be a likely outcome. So to avoid losing your bet or be blamed for the bad luck, it is advisable to keep you hands on your pockets or anywhere but near the sides of the craps table.

During the whole game, never mention the word seven. Even if you are wishing against the number, you must refer to seven as "it" or "the number". Some avid craps believed that the dice can hear us so better not induce the dice to result into this unlucky number.

Also, it is wise to continue betting when the shooter of the dice is a first-time lady shooter. Old craps players refer these types of shooters as female virgin shooters and believed to have "hot hands" that make a good roll on a streak. On the other hand, do not place a bet if you have come to know that the male shooter is a virgin to the game of craps. Many believed that these male virgin shooters are very unlucky and will most likely shoot a series of bad roll.

Meanwhile, if the dice rolled out of the craps table and the shooter failed to say "same dice", get your money and refrain from placing a wager until the next three rounds. A dice that rolled out of the table and replaced during the game is believed by many as vary unlucky and will result to a value of seven.

And finally, avoid betting when the dealers are engaged in too much of talk. The next dice roll will result more likely into a seven.

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