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Craps- A True Gambling Experience

Craps used to be the most popular game in the casino. Most of the players rushed to the craps table and gamble their fate at the hands of two dice. Nowadays a lot of experts consider craps as a 'dying game'. Most players would rather go and play with other card games that they consider easier. Yes, that is basically the reason why they shun the game- a lot of people are scared of craps. They go near a craps table, look at the table layout, and think they will never be able to learn all there is about the game. Most think it is too complicated.

It really is not that complicated at all. It is true there a lot of rules and basic principles that you need to master but once you do, you will discover that the game of craps is the closest thing you can ever experience the true meaning of gambling. Those who discovered, especially the gamblers by heart, found themselves mystified by the game. They realized it is the most exciting game in the world.

Craps was once known as crabs. The game originated in England during the time of the crusades. It is a modified version of the game known as hazard which is Arabic word for dice. Players bet their money against the house on the basis of the outcome of the roll of two dice. The game became extremely popular in Europe. It was introduced by French immigrant to the America during colonial period. It was in America that the game got its current name. It was John Winn, the father of modern craps, who made the final touches to the game and made it impossible to cheat.

Craps enthusiasts love the game because they know they have great control over it. They get to roll the dice in any way they want. They may demand for better odds from the house, they can call bet, and they can suspend the table limit amount. All of these are not accessible with other casino games.

The house generally has a low edge which is about 2 percent. This gives player a greater advantage which is what every player looks for. With craps you can actually win. A dollar bet goes along way if you win- about 30 to 1. You don't even have to do anything. You can just tag along and follow what everybody else is doing. You can spot someone who seems to have the skills and talents, follow his every move and cash in on his expertise.

Craps is a very exciting and satisfying game, if people will give it a chance to show its true colors.

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