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Getting to Know Craps

In playing with craps you sometimes hear certain words or phrases that may sound foreign to you. I'm here to try and help you get more intimate in the craps world. I give you some craps terms.

Now what does working bets in craps mean exactly? Working bets are bets that are live. No, not alien alive but alive in the sense that you'll know if you won or not in the succeeding rolls. Normally, craps bets such as buy or lay bets, place bets, and come bets are off or does not work on the first roll of every craps game unless you specifically say that they should work. All other bets are on unless you say to the craps dealer that you want them off.

Conversely, odds off in craps means that the odds bet is off or will not be played. The craps player has the ability to call the odds bet off at any time. However, the odds bet will still be left in the craps table for the time that the player wants it to be otherwise.

It is also good to know that the come odds bet in craps are generally not working on the come-out roll unless the player says otherwise. The don't come odds bet in craps are said to be working on the come-out roll.

How about world bet? What are those? World bet in craps means that the craps player is wagering that the next roll will be either 12, 11, 7, 2 or 3 with the bets made in multiples of five. One unit will be wagered on each number.

How about double odds and single odds in craps? What are those? Double odds bet in craps, as the name implies, means that the initial bet on the come or line bet is two times for the odds bet. Some casinos even offer five times or one hundred times the original bet for the odds bet.

Single odds in craps, on the other hand, is the odds bet that has the same amount as the initial come or line bet.

What about dice pass? What is that? The term dice pass in craps does not literally mean that the dice will pass from one player to another. It is said that a dice passes if the craps shooter rolls a 7 or 11. The craps dice doesn't pass if 12, 2, or 3 is roll. If other numbers are rolled then that is the point. The dice will pass if the point rolls first before seven. The dice doesn't pass when the seven is rolled first.

The craps player will only lose the role of being a shooter if he sevens-out or if he completes a play and doesn't want to roll again.

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